Коти Де Жемини Мирей

The sculptor Mireille Coti de Gelmini is an eclectic self-taught artist who feeds on both the history of art and the collective imagination that results from it and her own fillings. Touching everything since her childhood, see start the sculpture of bronze with the Russian sculptor Vadim Kirilov in Moscow in 2013 . Since her debut as sculptor, she has not stopped creating varied images. Throw her work she’s trying to translate sensations, emotions and some kind of Mouvement. It is a important thought in her creativity


«Reverie», 2018
бронза 48×47×13 см.
«Small King», 2016
бронза 34×25×16 см.
«Les Danseurs», 2015
бронза 30×11×23 см.
«Fusion», 2015
бронза 18×21×24 см.